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New as of 8-23-01: I added my Eriol pic, and my Yue/ Ruby Moon pic. And the link to Mystiscia is working. I also added various pics across the site.

For those of you who want to be kind and read my fanfics, just click here, and you'll be taken to it. I suggest you open it in a new window, cuz it won't do it on its own.

If you feel like being really kind, you could review my stories ^_^. But, I'm not going to push it! Ok, well, I hope you like my pictures. I don't like a lot of them (I mainly only like the ones in color, and even then, I can find many, many flaws; but, I need to be more appreciative of my work). Ok, I don't have a *ton* of stuff, but I have quite a bit. And most go to my stories, or friends' stories.


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